The following is a custom Borderlands story I will be writing about my character of choice in addition to my day-by-day impressions of the game overall. Let me know what you guys think of it (since I’ve never written any stories) and I will continue making this experimental blog series I’ve planned out. Enjoy!


“I don’t know why I’ve been branded by rumors as ‘Dr. J.’ I mean, The ‘J’ part makes sense ’cause my name is, well…Jozephus (don’t laugh). But I don’t get the ‘Dr’ part. First of all, I don’t and never will have a medical license. I’ve never fixed anyone up and I just don’t understand all that medical stuff. I also don’t get paid much ’cause I’m a wanderer, and I don’t stay in one place for too long if I don’t have to. Perhaps it has to do with precision. Them doctors have to be quite acute and pinpoint in their work with all their medical utensils and what not. So why come to that conclusion, you say? I’m a Hunter. My existence requires me to be accurate, so that’s how I stay alive and running with a good ol’ sniper rifle. Of course, I got a pistol and machete by my side as well. Ya just never know when some jerk is gonna sneak up and get too close for comfort. And finally, there’s my trusty Bloodwing. Found him abandoned as a baby a while back on the snowy side of Pandora. Poor thing…I took to raising and training him to be my right hand man, so to speak. He’s as loyal and dependable to me as I’ll be to him. I’m glad I got him by my side, ’cause he’s saved my backside several times. Almost reminds me of family…

“I guess if anyone were to read this, you’d need to know why I’m even on this godforsaken planet. Like many that have tried and failed, I’m here to find the Vault for personal reasons. It’s been a couple of years now sense I arrived here, and I think I’m finally on to somethin’. I was ridin’ on a bus to get to this small town in the Arid Badlands, and then a woman that calls herself the ‘Guardian Angel’ telepathically contacted me. She says she knows where I can find the Vault. I’m not one for trustin’ anyone, but there’s somethin’ different about her. She seems to know I’m capable of finding it and chose me for a purpose. I’ve also already met some of the town’s inhabitants (weird bunch, I’ll tell you that) and killed off some bandits vandalizing their property. I may be a Hunter, but I got respect, and I’ll take out anyone that doesn’t have it. Pandora needs some these days, which is why I’ll get rid of every piece of scum that tries to make things worse for the few decent people left on Pandora.

“Overall, it’s been one heck of a day. I met this ‘Guardian Angel,’ some crazy folk, an annoying robot, killed off a lot of different skag and bandits, and found a surprising amount of arms around these parts (weapons, that is). If it’s going to get me any closer to the Vault, I’ll keep going on this path. And when, maybe when, I reach the Vault, there’ll be just enough for me and for fixing this planet up a bit. If so, I’ll rename it too, considering how it got its name. I just have to fulfill what he couldn’t do. I have to…”

Signing off,

Jozephus (Dr. J)


I played an hour-long trial of Borderlands about two years ago and wasn’t impressed in the slightest. The graphics looked muddled and blurry, the RPS style gameplay was repetitive and boring, and the story seemed uninteresting. I didn’t even bother considering playing the game ever again, despite all of the raving praise I heard about the game. I just didn’t see what was so rewarding about the game.

Weeeellll, Borderlands 2 came out this week and has been getting nothing but alarmingly high praise. Dan Ryckert gave it a 9.75 (which is the highest rating he’s ever given a game) and called it one of the best gaming experiences of this console generation. I couldn’t help but feel the urge of the first game calling to me, especially sense I downloaded it for free on my PS3 (courtesy of Playstation Plus). As you can tell, I’ve returned to Pandora to give it a second chance.

I’ll tell you that I’m glad I came back. I don’t think I owned an HDTV the last time I played Borderlands, so I was blown back by what I had missed in the graphics department. Although there are some texture hiccups, the game boasts a unique cell-shaded art style that really brings the land to life. I’m glad Gearbox went in this direction because the world would have been more drab if it had been more realistic. As for the gameplay, I decided to be more patient with the seemingly repetitive missions I was given and have started to notice a concise manner of objectives; it wasn’t as random and pointless as I had thought it was before. Relating to this was the skill tree, which I’ve studied more and have come to understand how it works. As for the weapons, I’m kind of disappointed that you cannot customize them. Yes, the game is based on finding the best gun possible, but it would have been nice to at least throw in the ability to change the colors on your gun, the designs of certain parts, and so forth. And last, but certainly not least: the story. Although still limited in scope, I’m warming up to it as well. I like the characters’ colorful personalities and can’t wait to find out more about the Vault.

It’s easy to say that I’m eager to play more. Borderlands has drawn me in enough to give it a couple more hours. Although I’m not feeling why it’s supposed to be so amazing, I do like it. I’ll keep on trekking to see if the game picks up steam. For some reason, I have a good feeling it will. Thanks for reading!

Have you played Borderlands? What class did you pick and how long did you play the game? Did you end up falling in love, or not feeling the hype around it? Has Borderlands 2 peaked your interest in the series?

Dr. J

This article was originally published as a user blog post on Game Informer.