An Exciting Journey Through The 1400s


My name is Ezio Auditore Da Firenze, and I’m an assassin.

In AC2, you play as Ezio. Born to be an assassin, to live by the creed. Your father and brothers are killed by a group known as the Templars, and you try to avenge their deaths by hunting done these corrupt people. A game that can’t be missed, the story pulls you in. There are mysteries at every turn, leaving you with many questions, but with some answers too. It’s so well put together with actual history, the story baffles you. This is the highlight of AC2. You want to know more about the characters and events, and it pulls you in. The Truth is a WOW moment that you must see in the story.

The graphics are very nice. The buildings and architecture of Venice, Florence, and other cities make you feel like this is how it really looked back then. The thing I didn’t like was that in some cutscenes, the characters hands, hair, etc. go through clothing and stuff like that. But it’s not a major issue, it’s only one small thing I didn’t like. Other than that, the characters are very detailed, and their expressions look pretty good.

The gameplay is simple, but fun. You don’t have to have skill to play, the controls are easy to learn. One thing I wished for was that combat wasn’t so easy. It’s basically just counter-attacking. It should require more buttons to push instead of just pressing the square button. Nevertheless, it can be fun. The kill animations are awesome. Like when Ezio sticks a spear into somebody, the enemy falls back. But their body is supported by the spear, so they’re just suspended in the air! Then their body slides down the spear. I don’t know if you can picture how I described it, I’m bad at that. There might be over 25 kill animations, and when you pull one off, it makes you feel like an epic assassin.

The game can last over 17 hours. But you could put over 30 hours into the game if you want to complete most of the game! I got the platinum trophy for AC2, and it was worth it. Plenty of extra missions on the side, Assassin Tombs, Assassination missions, Glyphs, etc.

Overall, I loved AC2 a lot. A fantastic game that is better than the original in every way. You can’t miss it. But I recommend playing the first game. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s good too, just not nearly as good as the second one. And with DLC coming out, you can put an extra 3-5 hours into the game! I played DLC 1, and it was good. Short, but good. Anyway, just go buy AC2, you won’t regret it.


This is my review for the PS3 version of Assassin’s Creed II, which was published as a User Review on Game Informer.