A stalker has been watching me and listening in on my radio conversations with Delilah. We’re both worried for each other’s safety. That’s why Henry, your character, can’t stop signaling her on day 77 of his summer job as a fire lookout in the Shoshone Wilderness of Northwest Wyoming. Delilah told him to not leave his tower until she said so. It’s been a long day of anxious silence, but when Delilah responds out of the blue, I bolt straight up in my chair just like Henry.

I’m finally given control to pace around and interact with Henry’s room while I chat with her. His wedding ring is sitting on the desk in plain sight. I can pick it up, choosing to either leave it where it was or place it back on his finger. It’s a self-motivated interaction that can be ignored with no consequence, but I couldn’t ignore it. I had a wife to return to that needs me, so I put the golden band back on to remind me where I belonged. I must come home.

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P.S. This is my first article outside of Push Square! Really excited to make this major step forward as a writer.