I’ve been busy, haven’t I?

Underneath a shroud of inactivity and stagnation, I’ve been constructing another website on and off for the past three months, and here I am ready to present it to you. But since I’ve already had a website for a few years, where was I all those other months during 2015? What have I been up to that’s been responsible for my inactivity? Or, you may just be wondering, “What other website? Who in the flying bagels are you anyway?”

Truth be told, it’s rhetorical responses like these that made me give up posting anything there. No one was reading my work because my website looked cheap, had highly infrequent content, and lacked originality. Doing anything with it felt like a waste, so I buckled down on Push Square and school instead. I ignored my little corner of the Internet and left it to collect dust, which explains the reasons for there being so few reviews and articles from me during 2015. Why set up shop down a street where no one strolls? That was the reality shaping my mentality.


I’ve been thinking about a lot over the past year. And been to some pretty amazing places in the process.

What if I make a lot of noise and go beyond what’s average? What if I change up my tactics to draw people in from well-trodden places by capitalizing on what separates me from everything and everyone else? Well, that’s what I’m going to attempt to do. My name is Joey Thurmond (or DrJoeystein, as I’m more affectionately known as), and allow me to reintroduce myself. I’m an aspiring video game journalist who has plans, to put it mildly. Lots of plans.

You see, I’ve had this problem in the past of overpromising. “I’ll do one review, one article, and one YouTube video a month, and do all of my school, write for Push Square, and even more on the side!” Little did I know that my main responsibilities would prevent me from accomplishing many of my goals. I was in way over my head, especially since I didn’t have solid bases on which to execute much of my ideas consistently. This prompts me to figuratively stand before you with transparency: I refuse to make any more promises about how much content I will deliver. However, I can promise that I will be bringing you content and more of it for 2016. By cutting the workload in half for my Master’s degree that I’m pursuing, I have more space to breathe than I have ever had to chase after my ambitions. Where will this lead? On which paths will I travel along with you along for the journey?

My primary goals are to secure an internship and freelancing opportunities for 2016. I’ve put these off for too long, and since I graduated from High Point University early last year and have, as I said, minimized my current amount of schoolwork, you will hopefully start to see more published pieces here over the next few months. Who knows what’s in store?

As you can see, all of my previous work is available to view, but I will be reformatting how I deliver reviews and articles over time. For example, reviews will be receiving the biggest overhaul. I’ll attempt to deliver long-form content in the form of “A.D.P.” reviews. The acronym stands for my motto to “Analyze, Diagnose, and Prescribe” video games to my audience, or, that is, my “patients.” These will be 2000 to 4000-word reviews that dig into every main component of a game without overlooking anything I find worthy of mentioning. However, I also want to begin reviewing every single game I play because it’s no fun keeping my thoughts to myself. I will remedy this with “E.R.” reviews, which will be 500-1000 words long and get straight to the point. I’ve got ideas for everything I plan to write, and that includes what and how often I post to social media, sporadic ramblings on other things like Star Wars books and Bionicle sets, and even YouTube videos. Ah, I haven’t even gotten into how I want to integrate that platform with some of my written work, but in due time, I’ll deal with that. Expect to hear more about that and more in the coming months!

I’m not going to bore you with more words, so how about some action to prove I mean what I’m saying, eh? To celebrate the “grand opening” of my website, I’ve published three pieces to give you impressions on what to expect from me. You can find the next installment in an annual series where I tell you the 10 video games I’m looking forward to the most for the rest of the year, an extensive A.D.P. review on Alien: Isolation, and another article on my favorite YouTubers below.




For old and new readers alike, I welcome you with open arms to a new domain where I am here to stay. I look forward to entertaining and (hopefully) teaching you with whatever I create as I strive to grow in knowledge and wisdom along the way. And as always, thank you very much for reading!


Yep, this GIF sums up what to expect from me.