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The Last Jedi and Balance

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are thoroughly discussed here. You’ve been warned . . . Rey doesn’t understand The Force. It’s a grand mystery of the Star Wars universe that surrounds, penetrates, and binds all things and beings together. However, the uninitiated understandably see it as a power to merely control people and lift things. Rey views it as such, and her ignorance is only solidified when she literally reaches out to The Force upon Luke’s instruction. He…

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Minding My Manners: Nine Examples of Odd Etiquette Reflected in How I Play Videogames

It’s a surreal sight. I immediately recall Matthew 14:22-33 as I saunter across the gray waters of Moonside Lake in Bloodborne. I quickly notice Rom, the Vacuous Spider and her arachnid children in the distance, but as I make my way toward them, the scenery gives me pause. I’m inexplicably compelled to run as far as I can in the opposite direction and . . . sit down. A couple of minutes pass as I listen to the eerie echoes…

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Valor and Sacrifice in Call of Duty: WWII

In the wake of Veterans Day, I’ve found myself thinking about Medal of Honor recipient Desmond Doss. Doss was an army medic in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. As a Seventh-day Adventist, he not only requested to observe the Sabbath on Saturdays, but he also refused to kill a soul. As a consequence, his fellow soldiers ostracized and abused him for being a “conscientious objector.” When he was on Okinawa with his men, hundreds were slaughtered and had…

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The Weakest Links: The Flaws In Breath Of The Wild

…However, it’s important to remember that games with uncommonly strong, masterful design in some areas can overshadow significant flaws, and that’s okay. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an exceptional example. It’s a game riddled with terrible pacing, a disappointing story, lacking bosses, and rehashed content in the latter half of its campaign, but the core stealth mechanics and gameplay are a peak for the series. As a result, it’s far better than it has any right to be. I’d…

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Destiny 2 and Dependence

From destroying Wizards that came from the Moon to preventing the spread of SIVA, players that persevered in the original Destiny always rose to the top. Some Guardians with perfected Light levels even made some of the toughest Raids and Nightfall Strikes look like child’s play, in part by having the very best weapons and gear available. I may have struggled with some of the game’s hardest challenges, but I got a taste of the empowerment that pro players experienced when I…

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An Interview With Cliff Bleszinski

Overwatch’s Summer Games began last week. If you’ve been too busy praying to Jeff Kaplan that you’d be blessed with Mercy’s Winged Victory or McCree’s Lifeguard skin, you might’ve missed the release of LawBreakers. It’s a competitive first-person shooter from Boss Key Productions that’s been in the works for three years, bringing the speed and skill of PC arena shooters to the PlayStation 4. However, its arrival hasn’t produced the bang that you’d expect despite garnering a positive reception, including from our…

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Embracing Defeat in Pyre

Heavy Rain’s opening sequence subverts our game instincts by giving us a glimpse into the main character’s relationship with his sons Jason and Shaun. It happens to be the former’s birthday today, so you engage in some shenanigans to celebrate. One of these includes a mock sword fight with Jason. Instinct would tell us winning is preferred. True victory, however, is found in relinquishing control to let Jason win. It’s a solitary subversive moment in Heavy Rain, but Pyre adopts this perspective as a core theme that influences…

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