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The Last Jedi and Balance

Spoilers for Star Wars: The Last Jedi are thoroughly discussed here. You’ve been warned . . . Rey doesn’t understand The Force. It’s a grand mystery of the Star Wars universe that surrounds, penetrates, and binds all things and beings together. However, the uninitiated understandably see it as a power to merely control people and lift things. Rey views it as such, and her ignorance is only solidified when she literally reaches out to The Force upon Luke’s instruction. He…

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How Star Wars: The Clone Wars Brilliantly Expands, Improves Upon, & Redeems The Prequel Era

Wait, no video games? Yep. Let’s talk Star Wars and get a bit controversial. The amount of vitriol spat toward George Lucas’ second trilogy of Star Wars films is overblown. While people may curse them as though they’re despicable as Hutts or worst than Bantha poodoo, you’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Yes, a lot of the writing and pacing is terrible. Time invested in key characters feels inadequate and wasted. The action sequences can be too…

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Industry Analysis 2

To the Sky, Infinity, and Beyond: The Rise and Influence of Skylanders’ “Toys to Life” Figures If one were to walk up to any child today and ask if they know what Skylanders is, it would be highly improbable to hear, “No,” in return. This juggernaut of a video game franchise is aimed at all young audiences with its combined video game and toy figure lines, boasting staggering statistics with bona fide success. As of mid-2014, Skylanders sold 175 million…

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