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Absolver Review

When you go into a fighting game, you expect your character to have a predefined list of moves. It’s just a matter of taking time to memorize them and making out viable combos that prove to be the main learning curves. Once you’ve generally mastered these steps, you observe which characters are strong or weak against your own and deal with them accordingly. Absolver throws this expectation to the ground as a 3D fighting game in a class all its own. You’re…

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For Honor and The Impossibility of Peace

The Great War took the lives of around 17 million people. It also served as the catalyst for World War II: the most devastating conflict in human history that claimed four times as many. Another distinction between the two events is purpose. Whereas the latter was wholly just in what it prevented, the former left no one knowing why anyone was fighting over time. Historians debating its primary causes demonstrates in itself that the nations essentially warred for the sake…

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