For Honor

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For Honor and The Impossibility of Peace

The Great War took the lives of around 17 million people. It also served as the catalyst for World War II: the most devastating conflict in human history that claimed four times as many. Another distinction between the two events is purpose. Whereas the latter was wholly just in what it prevented, the former left no one knowing why anyone was fighting over time. Historians debating its primary causes demonstrates in itself that the nations essentially warred for the sake…

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Cream of the Crop: 2016

A new year, a new website, and a new Cream of the Crop? Man, I’m redefining what it means to make New Year’s resolutions by spoiling you all silly with this overload of “newness.” Before we delve into what 2016 holds for video games though, I look back at the previous year and feel it was short as a whole, but when I separate particular parts of it, it seems much longer. Evolve, Dying Light, and The Order: 1886 came…

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