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Minding My Manners: Nine Examples of Odd Etiquette Reflected in How I Play Videogames

It’s a surreal sight. I immediately recall Matthew 14:22-33 as I saunter across the gray waters of Moonside Lake in Bloodborne. I quickly notice Rom, the Vacuous Spider and her arachnid children in the distance, but as I make my way toward them, the scenery gives me pause. I’m inexplicably compelled to run as far as I can in the opposite direction and . . . sit down. A couple of minutes pass as I listen to the eerie echoes…

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Theory & Criticism of Games – Reading Journal 3

Several entries in this journal are in reaction to essays found in Well Played 3.0, which can be read here. Title: Ken Levine Talks Player Participation and Breaking Away From Linear Narratives Author: Kimberley Wallace Source: Gameinformer Date: 03/23/14 Ken Levine is instantly recognizable. Like Sid Meier, Shigeru Miyamoto, Will Wright, or Cliff Bleszinski, he is behind the critically acclaimed and insanely popular Bioshock franchise. You’d think he’d keep at it for another 10 years or so, but Levine has…

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The “Young” Gamer’s Faux Dilemma

According to the ESA (Entertainment Software Association), the average age of a gamer is around 30 years old. To be honest, this never ceases to seem like a fake estimate to me. I would imagine most people would phase out of playing video games somewhere after 25 due to likely managing a full-time job, a family, etc. That’s why I would expect the average age to round out somewhere near 23 years old. However, this is not the case and…

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