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An Interview With Cliff Bleszinski

Overwatch’s Summer Games began last week. If you’ve been too busy praying to Jeff Kaplan that you’d be blessed with Mercy’s Winged Victory or McCree’s Lifeguard skin, you might’ve missed the release of LawBreakers. It’s a competitive first-person shooter from Boss Key Productions that’s been in the works for three years, bringing the speed and skill of PC arena shooters to the PlayStation 4. However, its arrival hasn’t produced the bang that you’d expect despite garnering a positive reception, including from our…

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Academic Work, High Point University

Feature Writing – News Articles 1-4

This is a portion of mock news articles I wrote in my Feature Writing class at HPU. Video games was my beat, of course! 1 Valve’s Steam Machines Enter The Game Console Fray Valve’s brand new operating system, Steam OS, is bundled with Steam Machines. (Photo courtesy of KitGuru) In a surprising reveal, gamers might just be witnessing something that will change the video game industry as we know it. A studio has set itself to join the rarely contested…

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