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In The Mood: Game Genres To Play For All Seasons Of Life

When you decide to bank your career aspirations on videogame journalism, the climb to break through with a full-time, well-paying job is like grinding your way toward beating a seemingly insurmountable boss. You acquire new skills, buff your stats, and slowly learn the ins and outs of your arch-nemesis. It may take ages and dozens of restarts, but you’ll eventually get there if you persevere…maybe, especially if the boss in question is from the Souls series. The same kind of…

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice – A.D.P. Review

My youngest sister has a form of chronic encephalopathy. You could also call it periventricular leukomalacia. It has to do with white matter, which is the tissue between gray matter that bridges the brain’s various regions. When you absorb information, gray matter is essential to storing and making sense of it, but white matter dispenses it across the brain as a connective conduit. Cognition, learning, reasoning – these faculties are dependent on both types of matter, but when it comes…

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Typoman: Revised – Review

Writing is rewarding in its inconsistency. Half of the time, your fingers can fly across the keyboard where your stream of consciousness flows like a river. Nothing can stop you as you ride these waters of inspiration – but there are plenty of moments where you’ll get caught on something. How should this sentence be structured? What’s the purpose of this paragraph? Mulling over these questions can cut off your momentum in discouraging bouts, but when freeing yourself from these…

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