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An Interview With Cliff Bleszinski

Overwatch’s Summer Games began last week. If you’ve been too busy praying to Jeff Kaplan that you’d be blessed with Mercy’s Winged Victory or McCree’s Lifeguard skin, you might’ve missed the release of LawBreakers. It’s a competitive first-person shooter from Boss Key Productions that’s been in the works for three years, bringing the speed and skill of PC arena shooters to the PlayStation 4. However, its arrival hasn’t produced the bang that you’d expect despite garnering a positive reception, including from our…

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LawBreakers Review

Arena shooters aren’t all that common on consoles. Sure, we’ve had general examples like Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress 2, and DOOM land on PlayStation platforms, but these titles are best experienced and sometimes exclusively made for PC. LawBreakers was going to be no exception with its focus on insanely fast speed and chaotic combat. However, Boss Key Productions made one giant leap “for the players” and has brought its multiplayer first-person shooter to the PlayStation 4. Does it have the pizzaz and profundity to rocket jump…

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LawBreakers Open Beta – Preview

There’s not a single competitive shooter that can avoid the shadow that Overwatch has cast. As we were adjusting to the classes of Boss Key Production’s upcoming LawBreakers, we heard one of our friend’s remark, “Oh, the Battle Medic is a hybrid of Junkrat and Zenyatta.” At another point, we realised that one of the Titan characters, Bomchelle, reminded us of our favourite Russian weightlifter-turned-soldier Zarya in terms of her design and even her backstory. It’s hard not to make constant connections – even…

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