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Quantum Break And The Tower of Babel

Throughout the Bible, God abased human pride not only to remind people to fear Him, but also to realize their state as temporal, flawed creatures. In questioning God, Job was overwhelmed by His limitless knowledge and power. When Peter refused to believe he would deny Jesus three times before the crucifixion, his pride was exposed. And God not only does this to some of His own accord, but also by working through select individuals, as can be seen in the stories…

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Quantum Break – E.R. Review (+Video)

Remedy Entertainment is known for taking its time with video game development, and Quantum Break is not an exception in breaking this reputation. Having released the wonderfully bizarre Alan Wake in 2010, the Xbox One exclusive (well, sort of) has a lot to live up to, particularly in the storytelling department. Since there’s a high-budget TV show produced around the game that’s interwoven and influenced by in-game decisions, it’s a sure indicator that this Finnish developer has potentially realized a…

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