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Embracing Defeat in Pyre

Heavy Rain’s opening sequence subverts our game instincts by giving us a glimpse into the main character’s relationship with his sons Jason and Shaun. It happens to be the former’s birthday today, so you engage in some shenanigans to celebrate. One of these includes a mock sword fight with Jason. Instinct would tell us winning is preferred. True victory, however, is found in relinquishing control to let Jason win. It’s a solitary subversive moment in Heavy Rain, but Pyre adopts this perspective as a core theme that influences…

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Bastion Review (Push Square Version)

It’s utterly amazing how much the indie game scene has changed since 2011. Sony has started to heavily promote teensy developers at major industry conferences, Valve’s Steam Greenlight has allowed thousands to publish games for players to test before they’re even finished, and Kickstarter has made it possible for runaway successes like the critically acclaimed Shovel Knight to get made. Nearly four years ago, this was unheard of, and this humble scribe was only dipping his toes into a couple…

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Bastion Review

There was a deal recently on Xbox LIVE that priced Bastion at 600 Microsoft Points (normally 1200). I heard about the game and the great reviews it scored, but wasn’t that interested in it. I never tend to buy downloadable games anyway, but I did purchase Outland a few months ago and loved it. Who knows, I might dive into another treasure cove. After some thought, I took the plunge to see what awaited me…little did I know what I…

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