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For Honor and The Impossibility of Peace

The Great War took the lives of around 17 million people. It also served as the catalyst for World War II: the most devastating conflict in human history that claimed four times as many. Another distinction between the two events is purpose. Whereas the latter was wholly just in what it prevented, the former left no one knowing why anyone was fighting over time. Historians debating its primary causes demonstrates in itself that the nations essentially warred for the sake…

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Assassin’s Creed Unity & The Representation of Women in Video Games

I hate getting into arguments. Well, if they’re arguments that don’t need to be had, that is. Take Internet debates, for example. Those can (and usually should) be avoided since you’ll rarely change someone’s mind about anything. Instead of making actual progress, these usually serve to waste each involved person’s time. Me? I prefer to skim over what everyone’s talking about to see if there are any good points made, examples brought up, or even friendly, humorous banter to chuckle…

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