The more I attempt to understand Soul Axiom’s premise, the more I’m left befuddled. I come across this quote emanating from a portal of light, but I don’t know who “he” is or why I’ve been bestowed with power to bring specific objects into or out of existence. I don’t know who I am or why I’m here, but I can easily manipulate environments to suit my needs.

My character is a blank slate. He (or she?) has mysteriously found himself in a digital world called Elysia. It’s a depository for memories that can live on beyond someone’s life and be relived virtually by others. Players are tasked with retrieving the memories of particular individuals to slowly uncover what’s going on, and while those memories are abstractly represented with bizarre, unconnected locales and puzzles, you catch glimpses of the real memories by completing levels. As I unlock new abilities, I can rewind time and freeze objects, destroy obstacles with fireballs, and harness “deus” energy to mend incomplete memories.

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